Statistical report general elections, 2004 the 14th lok sabha Description:
List of participating political parties election commission of india, general elections, 2004 (14th lok sabha) partytype abbreviation party national parties.

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Indian general election, 2004 - wikipedia, the free, Legislative elections were held in india in four phases between april 20 and may 10, 2004. over 670 million people were eligible to vote, electing 543 members of the Indian general election, 2009 - wikipedia, the free, India held general elections to the 15th lok sabha in five phases between 16 april 2009 and 13 may 2009. with an electorate of 714 million (larger than the electorate Photos: who gets what in modi's council of ministers, T he former leader of opposition in lok sabha becomes the first woman to head the external affairs and overseas india affairs portfolios. the induction of .

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